Why a suitable mattress is important for allergy sufferers?

House dust allergy sufferers are not allergic to the actual dust. But they react to the excretions of the common house dust mite. However, this feeds on sweat and dead skin dandruff of humans and is for this reason mainly represented in mattresses. The older a mattress is, the more mites and thus the more mite excretions can be found in this one. This is not only due to the very good nutrition in the mattress but also because of the warm and humid climate. Because these animals love warmth and moisture and multiply rapidly under these conditions.

Even regular care of the mattress helps only conditionally. More important is the choice of the right type of mattress, because depending on the mattress the mites can multiply more or less well. In combination with allergic-based coatings, an allergy attack at night can, therefore, be permanently prevented, not just in the short term, but optimally

Cold foam mattress for allergy sufferers?

Cold foam mattresses are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. Because they are extremely breathable and derive the moisture very quickly and effectively. Thus, it remains pleasantly cool inside the mattress, dry and well ventilated. All the conditions that the house dust mite in itself does not appreciate at all. Also in terms of sleeping comfort cold foam mattresses convince, they offer a very good elasticity and adapt perfectly to the sleeping position. Here you should pay attention to a high and correspondingly dense mattress core. It is important that despite the advantages of a cold foam mattress so-called encasings, ie a mite-proof mattress cover is used. Explore through our website for the best collection of mattress sale.

Spring mattress for allergy sufferers

Spring mattresses are less suitable for allergy sufferers. Although the spring mattresses provide very good ventilation and an equally good removal of sweat and liquids but provide these mattresses in their interior very much space, which can be used by the house dust mites for colonization. If you still choose a spring mattress for sleeping comfort, then you should, first of all, consider the pocket spring mattresses. These provide optimal air circulation and thus take the mites at least part of their livelihood.